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For our Guests

Reservation Requirements

1. We are taking bookings for indoor tables for dining and drinking. At the point of reservation we ask how long you will require your bar table for as we will re-book it after that time. If you have booked online, you will have the standard 2 hour slot for both restaurant and bar tables whether you are dining or drinking.

2. Where we can’t re-arrange our tables to 2 meter distancing we have positioned them back to back. If you feel uncomfortable or want to move we will do our very best, but if it is busy we cannot guarantee that tables will be available. If you have concerns please mention this at the booking stage.

3. Please arrive promptly for your reservation as you will need to be seated as soon as possible. If you are later than 15 minutes for your reservation we may release your booking to other diners, please call ahead if you are expecting a delay. 

4. If you haven’t made a booking please feel free to occupy a table that is not reserved. There will be no service for standing guests without a table inside. You are welcome to stand freely outside and drink in our beer garden on the condition you respect social distancing.

5. Our team is here to support you, please ask them if you are unsure and please respect them with the decisions we are required to make. If you are unable to stay with us due to table unavailability, please book ahead for tomorrow etc, whilst you are here.

6. We will have a maximum table booking size of six people over two households, please respect this rule, if you have any questions please call us to make your reservation.

On Arrival

7. Please sanitise your hands at the entrance. The front door will be for entry only and we ask guests to leave through the beer garden. Please respect our neighbours and as always leave quietly.

8. If you are requiring wheelchair access, please call us when you arrive and we will invite you through the restaurant door directly into the restaurant.

9. To comply with NHS track and trace, we will come to your table and take details of your households. Your personal information will be stored securely in line with our GDPR compliance for 21 days.

10. We will be doing table service in all areas of the pub including the garden to reduce any social distancing issues. If you want to be served at the bar, you are most welcome but please take one step back to keep a social distance from the bar team.

11. Please do not return your glasses to the bar, one of our team will keep your tables tidy for you.

12. Any interaction with your table by our team will be done as safely as possible, they will have a face mask on to approach your table and gloves will be worn when delivering cutlery, plates and drinks.

13. We ask that contactless payment on transaction up to £45 be used where possible, if you must use cash, we will wear gloves and have sanitiser at the till. Your change will be presented on a tray for you to take from the server without contact.

14. The toilet corridor will be a one way system and the doors will be propped open, please respect social distancing and only enter toilets when no one is in there. The accessible toilet is also available. These are checked and cleaned very regularly, if you have an issue please speak to one of the team.

15. All tables, seats and used condiments will be cleaned before being re-used by the next guests. Salt and pepper and other sauces are available; please ask your server if you require them.

16. Menus will be simple paper copies and one use only. We ask that you share a menu to conserve paper waste where possible.